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Choreographer, Somatic Movement Educator/Therapist. She has danced Contact for around 20 years. For her, practicing CI is a practice not only happening on the dance floor, but in daily life; a practice of listening in and outside of myself, body-mindfulness and respect to me and the others. Being able to improvise with what is given in the moment. She has been organizing the ECITE in Germany in 2014. Together with Gesine Daniels and Elske Seidel she is organizing the research format "Dance your questions". In her hometown Berlin she organizes Jams, Classes, events for CI for adults and kids. She is also part of the teaching team of the Basic Somatic Education training.

Heike’s Class

Dancing contact can sometimes be a rather strange experience. In my experience a good contact dance has a lot to do with the connection with myself, my creativity and flow in my own dance. So this class will focus on connecting with our creative source, our body in different ways; using somatic movement explorations alone and with a partner. With this somatic base we will meet partner to dance contact with, especially working on a flow from center to periphery and back again.

ヤン スンヒ(YANG, Seunghee)

現在、演出や振付活動を行うことに加えて、韓国の芸術教育でトップレベルを誇る芸術総合学校(Korean National University of Arts)においてコンタクト・インプロヴィゼーションを指導。初期のコンタクト・インプロヴィゼーションが有していた、武道に由来する全方位に向かう注意深い身体性や動きの効率性と、ダンスや演劇に由来する表現豊かな身体性を融合させた独自の指導法は評価が高い。



YANG, Seunghee

He was born in 1972 in Seoul, Korea. He studied theater and started dancing at Isadora Duncan School in Athens, Greece. Also he studied choreography at European Dance Development Center and earned a Master of Choreography degree in Arnhem, Netherlands. He studied Contact improvisation/ release technique/ Six Viewpoints/ Alexander Technique form Konstantin Mihos/ Mary Fulkerson/ Mary Overly / Eva Karczag. Now, He works as a theater director and choreographer in Korea.

Class 1

Contact improvisation technique in general (warm up/ lolling body/supporting ...) The goal of this work is to understand the principle of contact improvisation through the body and learn how to harmonize with the other person through movement and breathing.


Contact improvisation Technique focus on lifting/ jumping & movement combination. The goal of this work is an advanced course for improving contact improvisation. You will learn various lifting and jumping techniques of contact improvisation for reach more affluent technical & physical expression and choreography.