合宿型ワークショップ Workshop




カテリーナ・モッチョーラCaterina Mocciola (イタリア)

アンドレ・ヴォズニアック Andrzej Woźniak(ポーランド)

フェスティバル参加費 (旅行保険・障害保険料込)

A.合宿一般   40,000円 (3日間全参加費+宿泊費2泊)
B.合宿学生   35,000円 (3日間全参加費+宿泊費2泊)

C.通し一般   25,000円 (3日間全参加費)
D.通し学生   22,000円 (3日間全参加費)

E.CIクラス一般 4,000円/1クラス
F.CIクラス学生 3,500円/1クラス
G.CIクラス麻績村民 2,500円/1クラス

G.ビジター JAM 1,000円 (障害保険料未加入)
H.報告会・パフォーマンス 2,000円 

申し込み方法 Registration

郵便振替 00150-6-390070 髙橋弘子
・参加クラス (上記の料金左端に記載しているアルファベットを記入ください)


お問い合わせ先 090-9208-6236(髙橋)
info☆contactimprov-nn.com (☆を@に変えてお送りください)


<English information>

Tokyo Contact Impro Festival 2019
3~5 May 2019 @ Omigakusha & Plateau Gymnasium of Hijiri
3 May :
12:15~ OpenCircle
13:00~ CI-A 15:00~ CI-B
4 May :
9:00~ CI-A 13:30~ CI-B 16:00~17:30 JAM
5 May:
9:00~ CI-A 13:30~ CI-B
16:00~16:30 Closing Circle
17:00~19:00 Showing & JAM

Full Participation:
all 3-day workshops and accommodation (quadruple-occupancy)
A. 40,000yen (Regular)
B. 35,000yen (Student) (from overseas)
All 3-day workshops (No accommodation)
C. 25,000yen (Regular)
D. 22,000yen (Student) (from overseas)
Single Participation: Take classes at your convenience
E. 4,500yen/ class (Regular)
F. 3,500yen/ class (Student) (from overseas)
G. 2,500yen/ class(residence of Omimura)

[NOTE] To register as a single participant, please specify the date(s) and teacher(s) of your interest.
G. Jam 1,000yen
H. Showing(5/5)&JAM 2,000yen (1/ per)

*For International Participants to register, please contact the organizing committee for detail information.

Venue: Omi village, Nagano Pref. (Tokyo), Higashichikuma-Gun, Omimura O
Local set of transportation is from Shinjuku to the expressway bus 3500 Yen Shinjuku 7:00 departure Matsumoto 10:12 arrival (transfer to the venue)
please bring the sleeping bag to the guest

【CONTACT】 Hiroko Takahashi (CINN)


Caterina Mocciola 】 (Italy)
Caterina Mocciola is an independent performer, teacher and producer, also an interpreter and a translator. Her practice is based on Contact Improvisation and Composition while related disciplines, such as Feldenkrais, BMC, Viewpoints, Release Technique, Body Weather and Kung Fu play a strong influence in her approach to teaching and movement. She has taught regular classes, workshops, also at festivals and Universities, in Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, Israel, Russia and Europe. For over a decade she lived in Australia, for two years in Berlin, where she taught at Tanzfabrik and Marameo, co-organizing the Berlin Underscore and ECITE 2017. She has now returned to Italy to build a dance studio on the Apennines and continue with the BMC training.
Class introduction 
Embodying duality
I am currently fascinated by how opposing forces are working together to create harmony in the dance. I experience it in relating with gravity, with the natural expanding and contracting of the body, in relating to myself and to my dance partner/s, in the coexistence of technique and improvisation... how they merge in the three-dimensionality of the dance itself.


Andrzej Woźniak 】(Poland)
I am contact improvisation practitioner and teacher from Warsaw, Poland. I love dancing, it has been transforming me as a human being and keeps me alive and curious.
I am interested in subtleties of touch and weight, topics of power and politics in dancing and its relationship to music and language. The collective improvisation structures is another field i love exploring. I have studied with many amazing people, will be happy to tell you.
I write pretty bad poetry.
Class introduction 
Wokshop description
Bones and words
I like working with bones their potential, mass and raw poetics. How they move us through space, how strong they are to support the weight and how surprisingly resilient.
 I also really enjoy exploring words and language talking and writing from a relaxed throat and heavy skeleton.
 In the workshop we will combine working with the skeletal system with some bits of creative (or maybe uncreative) use of language through movement, hands-on practices, witnessing and metaphors.
The tale of the snake and the magic stone