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Contact improvisation クラス
「今、着地する」 Landing Now CI①~⑥


講師:「two for now 」Emily Bowman and Joey Lehrer(エミリー・バウマン / ジョイ・レーラー)

Landing Now
Contact Improvisation (CI) workshops with Two For Now, Emily Bowman and Joey Lehrer.
This series of workshops will offer extended time to settle and re-establish our CI practices. The ground is our beginning, allowing a primary relationship and orientation. We will take time, attending to the minutiae of movement, and as we repeatedly land and land again, we can start to rebuild our resilience to moments of falling, being off-balance and dancing the edges of our stability. As we expand out into space, we will make & listen for offers that allow the potential for levity – going up or on? How do we connect our spirals and folds for taking the ride and re-finding the ground with ease?
There will be time spent on technical repatterning, somatic investigations, improvisational tasks, as well as open-ended CI explorations in duets and groups. The workshops will also sometimes contain explorations of frames for emergent compositional decision-making and viewing in CI. Reflection will also be an aspect of our shared experience.
*Emily and Joey will teach some workshops together, and some solo.
*Each class will build upon the previous, however, you can attend any of the classes, and they are open to all levels of experience.
* There will be a translator present during each class.
Artist Bio
Melbourne based improvisation duo [ two for now ], comprises of Emily Bowman and Joey Lehrer. They have collectively two-and-a-half decades worth of CI experience. They have a research-based practice in Melbourne, where they dance, perform and teach CI together. They are respected teachers, having both taught and performed CI extensively across Australia, as well as around the world such as New Zealand, Malaysia, Germany, United States, Canada and India. They enjoy creating a sense of playful focus, a space for exploration and fun, where improvisation does not get lost in concepts or skill.
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